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Deceive Me Not

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ISBN Trade paperback 1-4137-2400-0

Cover Art by: Amy de Boinville

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Deceive Me Not

Imagine learning at the age of forty-nine that you were adopted, and in the course of tracing your birth parents, find your happy thirty-year marriage threatened by the outcome.

This is the dilemma facing Barbara McNab when she returns alone to the English village of Littlingham where she believes she was born. Before her search is over she will learn how children suffer psychologically when war separates them for many years from their families; how, for some whose entire families died as a result of war, the guilt of survival causes lifelong trauma.

Missing her husband, but afraid to reveal her search’s unimaginable conclusion, Barbara struggles alone to solve the mystery. Underlying the adventure, mystery and even murder, is the story of a love that, having thrived for thirty years, is strengthened by coming so close to being lost forever.

Rave Reviews…

“I’ve just been treated to Jura MacLean Sherwood’s third book Deceive Me Not and found myself drawn in from the first page. This book has something for everyone. There is adventure, mystery and murder as well as a love story. This is contained within one woman’s search to unravel family secrets and is told in a very compelling way.” – Marsha Markham

“Deceive Me Not” was in fact quite deceiving! As soon as the story started rolling, my family knew to leave me alone until I was finished!

The two main characters were the fair Barbara, unaware of just how much she lost in World War II until she is in her older years, and her husband John, who would love to be able to forget losing his whole world during the same time. “Deceive Me Not” begins with Barbara’s family as her world is about to change forever, then moves to America 1985 as Barbara tells John she has bought tickets for them to travel to England for their 30th anniversary.

From there the story flashes back and forth between the past and the present in a whirlwind of activity, memories, and fears for the future.

This is definitely a worthwhile read! Just don’t think you have it all figured out though… I promise you that you don’t! - Anne Marie C. Raymond, Reviewer for Keep It Coming

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