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Sometime, Somewhere

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An adventure in love that crosses the threshold of time


                                                ISBN: 978-1-4257-7979-5
This book cover was designed by JoLynne Hansen and won  the 
                                EPIC 2004 Quasar Award
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RECENTLY REPUBLISHED. During its first publication this book was very popular with paranormal fans and lovers of lovers in all time periods, so I'm very pleased that it now has a new publisher -

This story takes place in Colonial America - Manhattan Island to be exact, and is based on real lovers who lived in that time period.

Sometime, Somewhere

Sometime, Somewhere Marianne Viele, an archeologist is researching the historic value of an old abandoned restaurant when she is startled by a New York City Police Officer. Pete Wolfson recognizes Mari as the woman who visits his dreams.

Neither is aware they have loved each other in many previous lives and that their meeting was predestined by her tragic death in Colonial New Amsterdam in 1647, and his vow to find her again “Sometime, Somewhere.”

Rave Reviews…

“I absolutely loved reading Sometime, Somewhere! The book was constantly moving and instead of feeling too dramatic, the story line flowed flawlessly. Thank you for letting me read the book. I really feel it was one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time!” –Ann Marie C. Raymond, Reviewer for Keep It Coming.

"Sometime, Somewhere- a superb book! I was transported back in time by the vivid descriptions and moving story" - Rosalie More, author of Allegiance and Honor Among Thieves

“This novel is a delightful paranormal based on the real life story of Marie du Trieux, 1617-1688. The author has done an admirable job of recreating the details of life at that time…I couldn’t help caring deeply about Mari and Pieter and hoping for their eventual happiness” – Edna Curry, In the Library Review.

“Sometime, Somewhere is the story of love that knows no boundaries, not even time itself. Pieter and Mari were destined to be together no matter what the century. There’s an attraction they are powerless to resist and I was hoping they would somehow find a way to share their lives… Fans of time travel romance and love that spans the ages will not be disappointed.” – Alane Coppinger, Reviewer for Romance Junkies.

“Sometime, Somewhere was such a wonderful read. My only dilemma was in deciding whether to hurry and read it so that I could find out the ending or slowly savor it to make it last longer. I do know it is one I will enjoy reading again and again.” – Marsha Markham

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